Thursday, July 25, 2013

God's No Answer

If only deads could be alive,
If only stones could cry,
If only tears could be laughters,
Then we would hear gods(/God) answer(s)!

My only "God" is Nature!
I don't believe but I'm sure
There's no answer for those prayers
That thou prayest only when thou needest
That thou prayest just for thee getest fed
That thou prayest in case of trouble
Or just prayest to take away thy sorrows
While all the other whiles, thou art busy with thine own
Never spendest a second for thy god(s)!!!

My "God" is all around and always with me
"He" is next to me and inside me!
I'm so glad to make friends with God
So I talk to "him" and we share our joys
Every day! ;)