Thursday, June 20, 2013

Creative Commons, your ticket to an Open World of Creativity ;)

Are you Creative? If yes, are U creative ALONE? I'm sure U'R NOT!
No one can create anything without "standing on the shoulders of giants".
If you like something, you want to share it, remix it, reuse it for your works, mash them up, and so on. But the strict "copyright" just make your copy WRONG!!! :(
Let's unleash the power of Creativity to build an OPEN, FREE/LIBRE WORLD with CREATIVE COMMONS! ;) From OpenSource (FREE software), to Wiki (FREE docs), and now CC (FREE multimedia) has emerged :)

And here my story goes:
All of my works (software, documents, multimedia) are published under Free/Open/Libre licenses, but someday I was touched by copyright infringement warning: Your video may include music that is owned by a third party "PM Artist Sessions Project-Rondo Alla Turca"!
What the heck is this?! I thought it is the "Piano Sonata No. 11" of Mozart from more than 2 decades ago, isn't it??? Nope, I was wrong. It's not the composer, but the piano player who has restricted my creative work with a traditional restrictive "(c)". SUCKS!

Yeah, it just costs me ONE DOLLAR. But that $1 does NOT allow me to put the music into my video, just let me listen to it! So I don't buy it because I cant't buy the rights to freely reuse that piece of music. Even if with higher price I could sync that music with my video, I wouldn't be allowed to let others freely use my work because it comprises a restrictively copyrighted work. Thus, I must switch to a Free/Open/Libre version of that sonata, no other way!!!

Now I switch to "Legal Music For Videos" suggested by CC website and find so many interesting things:

  • Jamendo, a large library with strong searching capabilities: by keywords (suggesting Genres, Instruments, Moods), and "pro" version has search engine for comercializable musics featuring more hints like Themes, Voices & Styles, and Sellections based on usage.
  • ccMixter is a true CC music workshop for remixing music. ccMixter features full history trees of remixing of each clip, so it's a true forge of Open-source musics!!! It also features a music digger for searching based on usage.
  • BeatPick focuses on "picking the right music" based on keywords and other criteria like Genres, Moods, Sounds like, Song topic,... Especially, it features a nice histogram for each clip.

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