Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Healthy lifestyle

Wikipedia: Some people report that minimizing stress and consumption of alcohol, sugar and other "aggressive" foods, combined with rest, sunshine and swimming in saltwater keep lesions to a minimum.

Yep! That's just what I've ever ever and always been longing for! I'd love to have a house by the sunny beach, then I would swim there enjoy the fresh air every day. I don't know when I can get that... while these days, I have to suffer all kinds of pressure, stress, and be sunken deep into bad moods day after day...

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Thanh Hai Tran said...

minimizing "stress" and consumption of alcohol? Impossible, since consumption of alcohol is what relieves the stress in the first place. :-) I'll drink to your health! :)

Although, I agree with the swimming idea to relieve stress. It's summer!
Go for a swim, bro! Osaka is sure to have plenty of saltwater.

P.S. consider changing your theme for this page. You're torturing my eyes with the outrageous colour scheme. ;-)