Monday, November 21, 2005

A Lovely Blue Poem...

There's one that has composed a poem after a flu... a poem that makes me feel... feel..., what can I say... yeah "nostalgia"! and reminds me of many of my forgoten dreams!


sweet smells waft by
smells of nostalgia
and yearnings
all that was mine.

fog like mist
is all that can be seen
the way before misted
just like in dreams of mine.

1 comment:

enchanteur said...

hello!! ;-D erm...i can't and i dunno how to speak Vietnamese. I took the basic while in Poly but with no practice, i really dun remember much. anyways, am planning to take up a course to learn the language again.

my dad can speak and write Viet. sigh! so sad. and i can't. oh well. perhaps in time i will master it. tt would be great. i love vietnam.

which part of Vietnam are u from? you are currently in Japan is it?

I'm more Singaporean than anything else. having been born in Singapore and yea, my mum's chinese. my grandparents met here and got married. couldn't go back to Vietnam. Grandpa's from North Viet, grandma from South Viet. so...tts the reason we stayed in singapore.

my dad goes back to vietnam very often. i haven't been back in a long time. but will go back soon.

how bout u?