Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My life is a dream, my dreams are alive!

Yesterday, I dreamt of my life,
it's so real!
And today, I am still...
living my dreams
so fabulous and precious
so dangerous and glorious
so like chorus, the chorus of my songs.
In those songs, I sing of the life.
And every day's just a note of the song.

Am I wrong, am I right?
Am I strong, may I cry?

'S there anybody can tell me why?

I don't want to know why, but
I am wrong, and I am right.
I am strong, still I am crying.

I cry the days I can't sing
I cry the days I'm down
I cry the days I can't swing
I cry for not moving 'round.

Even now, though immobilized
Even that, still I'm alive
I'm alive, so I'm flying

I'm flying as I'm living
I'm living as I'm dreaming
I'm dreaming as exploring
I'm exploring, I'm traveling, I'm making all my great journeys
even when I can't go and see
'Cause the life's itself a journey!


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